Public Involvement

Public involvement is a critical part of a successful transportation project. A proactive approach to informing, educating and involving the public helps to promote a productive atmosphere that leads to transportation improvements that meet the community's needs and desires.

A Public Involvement Plan has been prepared that describes the methods to be used to reach those affected by the project, as well as any potentially interested parties. It identifies the concerned public, ways in which the public will notified about the progress of the project, and the project's scheduled public outreach opportunities. This Public Involvement Plan is periodically revisited to ensure the methods identified are still appropriate and to make changes or additions to the mailing list.

There are several formal opportunities for public involvement that occur during the project's development. These include: a project kick-off meeting, a corridor public workshop, a project scoping meeting, an alternatives public workshop, and a public hearing. At this time, only the project kick-off meeting and the corridor public workshop are shown on the schedule page of this website. When the Class of Action has been identified for the next phase of the project's development, the public meetings to be conducted during that phase will be identified on the schedule.

In addition to the formal public meetings associated with a project's development, informal meetings may occur as needed with various organizations, neighborhood groups and other interested parties. This website will also provide the most up-to-date information about the Beulah Beltway study, so please check back often. All public meetings will be advertised on this website, in addition to updated project information. If you have any questions or comments about this project, please submit them to Project Manager Gregory S. Allen. Visit the "Contact" page for his contact information, or use the option provided on that page to submit your comments or questions directly to him.