Project Acronyms

A list of acronyms is being provided to assist the public in reviewing project information on this website as it comes available. This list of acronyms will be added to or changed as the project progresses and documents are provided which contain acronyms not currently listed. The acronyms provided below include some of the more common acronyms associated with Planning and PD&E studies in the Escambia County area.

AADTAnnual Average Daily Traffic Counts
ACE Alternative Corridor Evaluation
AN Advance Notification
APEArea of Potential Effect
ASTAboveground Storage Tank
ASTMAmerican Society of Testing Materials
BEBRBureau of Economic Research
BMPBest Management Practices
CAAAClean Air Act Amendment
CE Categorical Exclusion
CEIConstruction Engineering Inspection
CEMOCentral Environmental Management Office
CEQCouncil on Environmental Quality
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CMACongestion Management
COA Class of Action Determination
CRASCultural Resources Assessment Survey
CZClear Zone
dBADecibels (A-weighted)
DDHVDirectional Design Hour Volume
DEDetermination of Effect
DHVDesign hourly volume
DRIDevelopment of Regional Impact
DSAPDetailed Specific Area Plan
DYDesign Year
EA Environmental Assessment
EFHEssential Fish Habitat
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
EOElement Occurrence
ERPEnvironmental Resource Permit
ESBAEndangered Species Biological Assessment
ESTEnvironmental Screening Tool
ETATEnvironmental Technical Advisory Team
ETDMEfficient Transportation Decision Making
FACFlorida Administrative Code
FATPOFlorida Alabama Transportation Planning Organization
FCMPFlorida coastal Management Program
FDEOFlorida Department of Economic Opportunity
FDEPFlorida Department of Environmental Protection
FDOTFlorida Department of Transportation
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FFWCCFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
FHWAFederal Highway Administration
FIRMFlood Insurance Rate Maps
FLUCCFCSFlorida Land Use, Cover and Forms Classification System
FMSFFlorida Master Site File
FNAIFlorida Natural Areas Inventory
FRFederal Register
FSFlorida Statute
FYFiscal Year
GHGGreenhouse Gases
GISGeographical Information Systems
GPSGlobal Positioning System
LEPLimited English Proficiency
LOSLevel of Service
LRELong Range Estimates
LRTPLong Range Transportation Plan
LSM Land Suitability Mapping
MANLAAMay Affect, Not likely to Adversely Affect
MAP-21Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act
MM Methodology Memorandum
MOVESMotor Vehicle Emission Simulator
MSATMobile Source Air Toxics
NAAQSNational Ambient Air Quality Standards
NACNoise Abatement Criteria
NATANational Air Toxics Assessment
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act
NMFSNational Marine Fisheries Service
NPDESNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NRHPNational Register of Historic Places
NWFTCANorthwest Florida Transportation Corridor Authority
NWFWMDNorthwest Florida Water Management District
NWINational Wetlands Inventory
OFWOutstanding Florida Waters
PD&EProject Development and Environment
PERPreliminary Engineering Report
PPMPlans Preparation Manual
RODRecord of Decision
SAFETEA-LUSafe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient, Transportation Equity Act - A Legacy for Users
SCESociocultural Effects
SHPOState Historic Preservation Officer
SISStrategic Intermodal System
STIPState Transportation Improvement Program
SWIMSurface Water Improvement and Management
SWPPPStormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
T&EThreatened and Endangered Species
TIPTransportation Improvement Program
TMDLTotal Maximum Daily Load
TNMTraffic Noise Model
TSM&OTransportation System Management and Operations
UMAMUniform Mitigation Assessment Method
USACEU.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USCUnited States Code
USEPAU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
USFWSU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
USTUnderground Storage Tank
VMTVehicle Miles Traveled
WBIDWater Body Identification Number
WERWetland Evaluation Report
WQIEWater Quality Impact Evaluation