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Last update: 05/12/2017

Corridor Public Meeting to be held at Plainview Baptist Church, 1101 W. Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL 32534 -- Monday, August 7, at 5:30pm to 7:00pm (CDT).

Welcome to Escambia County's website for the Beulah Beltway Project. The purpose of this website is to provide information to interested parties on the project as it progresses. Information that will be available on this website includes: the purpose of the project; the project schedule; notification of public meetings; maps, reports, and other materials; and an easy way to provide comments or input on this study.

Information available on this website includes:

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In the past, population growth in Escambia County was forecasted to occur primarily in the southwest portion of the county in the vicinity of densely populated portions of Pensacola, west of the Pensacola Naval Air Station and on Perdido Key. However, Perdido Key was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, leading the Florida Department of Community Affairs (now the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity) to place limits on the amount of redevelopment that can occur on Perdido Key.

Additionally, developable land west of the Pensacola Naval Air Station is subject to flight noise, prone to flooding and limited by large areas in conservation and recreation. Based on these conditions, county planners do not believe these areas would support significant growth in the future and have looked elsewhere in the county to accommodate the projected growth.

Revisions to the 2025 Escambia County future land use map re-allocate much of the projected future growth to the central and north-central parts of the county. The Mid-West Escambia County Optional Sector Plan was developed in an effort to plan for that growth, consistent with county growth management policies. It was incorporated into the Escambia County Comprehensive Plan (adopted September 15, 2011 and approved November 4, 2011) through the 2010 Evaluation and Appraisal Report.

The Mid-West Escambia County Optional Sector Plan allows a total maximum development of 23,000 residential dwelling units and 12,175,000 sq. ft. of non-residential development. The conceptual layout of future development in the Optional Sector Plan will need to be supported by a highly interconnected, multi-modal transportation system that efficiently links housing to employment and retail centers. The proposed hierarchical transportation system would be anchored by a new I-10 interchange in the vicinity of Beulah Road and a new arterial roadway that connects I-10 to US 29 (SR 95).

The Florida Department of Transportation is currently preparing an Interchange Justification Report for the proposed I-10 interchange. Escambia County is initiating an Alternative Corridor Evaluation study for the proposed high-speed facility that would connect US 90A (SR 10/ W. Nine Mile Road) with US 29 (SR 95) in mid-west Escambia County (see Study Area Map).

What is the purpose of the Beulah Beltway?

The primary purposes of the Beulah Beltway project are to: 1) provide improved connectivity within portions of Escambia County slated for future development, consistent with the Escambia County Comprehensive Plan; and 2) in concert with a new I-10 interchange, provide improved external regional connectivity and reduce congestion in the vicinity of the US 29 (SR 95) interchange at I-10, consistent with the Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization's 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and Regional Freight Network Plan - Highways of Commerce.

Secondary purposes are to: 1) reduce travels times for commuters who live in the study area and work in the Pensacola area consistent with local transportation goals to create a highly interconnected, multi-modal system linking housing, employment and retail, as expressed in the adopted Mid-West Escambia Optional Sector Plan; 2) encourage future growth away from the coastal communities, consistent with the Escambia County Comprehensive Plan; 3) with the proposed new interchange at I-10, provide an additional freight transport route connecting to other regional freight transportation facilities consistent with the Florida-Alabama TPO's LRTP and Regional Freight Network Plan, and the Northwest Florida Transportation Corridor Authority (NWFTCA) 2013 Master Plan; and 4) enhance hurricane evacuation by providing another connection to I-10 as well as an additional north-south connection to US 29 (SR 95) that bypasses the heavily congested US 29 (SR 95)/I-10 interchange, consistent with the recommendations of the Statewide Regional Evacuation Study, West Florida Region, the Beulah Road Interchange Development and Environment Study - Hurricane Evacuation Analysis, and the Escambia County Comprehensive Plan which supports roadway projects that improve hurricane evacuation. Additional evacuation benefits would be derived from the Beulah Beltway project, with completion of the Outer Beltway /Escambia-Santa Rosa Beltway project (identified in the NWFTCA's 2013 Master Plan).

Study Area Map

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Study Area Description

This map displays the Study Area for the Beulah Beltway project.

It extends from US 90A (SR 10/W. Nine Mile Road) on the south to US 29 (SR 95) in the vicinity of CR 196 (Barrineau Park Road) on the north, and from the Perdido River on the west to US 29 (SR 95) on the east.

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Questions / Comments

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You can also submit your comments via the internet by going to the "CONTACT" page on this website.

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